What I do

I'm your local Charlotte Apple guy:  experienced, knowledgeable, flexible, reliable.

I'm also a legitimate business owner:  incorporated, insured, committed. 

I help individuals and small businesses with their Apple products:  hardware, software, connectivity.  Sometimes "help" means consulting with you about an upgrade or improvements.  Sometimes, it means teaching new or experienced technology users who to do something, click-by-click.  Sometimes, it means setting up a printer or a new wireless router. 

What I do is personalized to your situation and needs!

Unexpected Services

Sometimes clients come to me with unusual requests and I am thrilled to assist.  I have never been one to turn my back on a challenge!  Some of my favorite "unexpected projects" include restoring files from old 800 KB and 1.44 MB floppy disks and Zip® disks, recovering "lost" photos from non-bootable drives, old Mac file conversions (e.g. WordPerfect® to Microsoft Word®; MacWrite® & MacWrite Pro® to Microsoft Word®; Lotus 1-2-3® to Microsoft Excel®; AppleWorks® to modern equivalents, etc.), setting up Excel workbooks that work as template tools for estimations, solving Quicken errors, and more.

Have an oddball need?  Let's talk!