“Be a yardstick of quality.  Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.”  – Steve Jobs

What do some clients say about Tech Me Back?


Caroline B. Cooney – Fort Mill, SC

Hardware and software troubleshooting, service, and upgrades

“I churn out many pages of copy every day.  When my old iMac with its dated programs could not manage the new online editing required by my publisher, Eddy was recommended to me by the Computer Club at Sun City.  Eddy solved all difficulties.  Then lightning struck, damaging wiring, phones and internet and zapping that computer.  Eddy met me at the store to help with purchase decisions, installed everything, and rescued all material from the damaged computer.” 

City Tavern Restaurants – Charlotte, NC

Hardware component replacements

“When our hard drive went out I called and had a response in no time. He was able to take a look at the computer immediately after the phone call and had news on the problem within two hours after dropping off the computer. It was fixed the very next day and the price was VERY reasonable.”  

Cloister Honey, LLC – Charlotte, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, on-site and remote support

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“We suddenly lost wireless connection for both computer and printer and, since we run 2 small businesses, were in dire need for quick support. The computer repair service we have been using normally takes 2 days to send support - and has no familiarity with iMac so their on-site visits were filled with trial and error - and very expensive.  Tech Me Back is awesome. I emailed on a Saturday (after our old service provider couldn't help) and received a same day response from Eddy.” 

Coachange Coaching and Consulting – Glen Ridge, NJ

Integrating iPhone with business applications; switching e-mail clients; remote support

“I worry less at night knowing I have Eddy on my team as my computer consultant.”  

Defender Risk Management and Insurance – Charlotte, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, hardware replacement and software upgrades and on-site support

“I would highly recommend Tech Me Back. I have a 27 inch iMac that was completely frozen. Eddy  is knowledgeable, professional, dependable and helped identify the issue which was a bad hard drive.   Eddy replaced  the hard drive, backed all of my content, installed new software, updated my memory and recommended solutions to data manage that had a very positive impact on our business!  

Eden Royce – Charlotte, NC

Hardware, software and network troubleshooting

“As a part-time writer, my laptop is always with me, but when it isn't working, I can't work. When I contacted Tech Me Back, they were prompt to respond, friendly and able to correct the issue with no fuss.”  

Flair4Design – Huntersville, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, on-site and remote support

“I have had the pleasure of working with Eddy Nivens for the past two years. Eddy has provided invaluable service to my agency as my trusted Mac specialist.”  

Gallery G Fine Portrait Photography – Huntersville, NC

Printer and ICC profiles troubleshooting

“I was referred to Eddy and Tech Me Back by a colleague and I can see why he came so highly recommended.” 

Kaplan Coaching and Consulting – Pineville, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting; on-site and remote support

“Eddy’s knowledgeable, fast, reliable, available when you need him - even courteous.”  

Matt Harris of the “Matt & Friends Show” – Charlotte, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, on-site and remote support

“My wife and I were overwhelmed, attempting to have all of our Apple products work together. We tried one company, but the guy they sent to work on our tech issues had no experience with Apple products. He basically stared at our devices until I said, ‘I’ll think I'll try and find someone who has an expertise with Apple.’ That's when we found Tech Me Back.” 

Modeling Christ – Conover, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, hardware and software upgrades, and on-site and remote support

“Our ministry, Modeling Christ, was introduced to Eddy Nivens about one month ago.  After reviewing his website we had a feeling that he would be capable of directing our ministry from a technological standpoint.  His range of services are a catchall and I feel certain that he will continue to meet our needs as our ministry expands.  Eddy is prompt, pays attention to detail and exhibits a trustworthiness that, quite frankly, is missing in today’s business ethics.”  

Northern Star Technologies – Mint Hill, NC

Switching from a PC to a Mac and on-site and remote support

“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance helping me make the transition from the PC to the Mac computer.  Additionally, I cannot thank you enough for your relentless ‘stick-to-itness’ with figuring out how to save my e-mail files from my old PC.  As you and I both know I had some technical issues way beyond the norm of which you rose to the challenge and prevailed in finding a solution.  Truthfully, I am very particular in choosing those whom I work with so it is often quite a challenge to find someone up to my standards but you not only met these standards, you well exceeded them.”  

Paper & Inc Printing – Matthews, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, hardware and software upgrades, and on-site and remote support

“I would definitely recommend Tech Me Back to anyone.  My two Macs are grateful that we called Tech Me Back!  Eddy fixed our software and hardware problems and he is a pleasure to work with ... knowledgeable, professional, and dependable. I am so glad I made that first call – because now we will never call anyone else!”  

Peace of Me Photography – Charlotte, NC

Switching from a PC to a Mac and on-site and remote support

“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I have to tell the world that Eddy Nivens is a Mac Genius! Once again he has impressed and amazed me with his personal service and attention to detail.”  

Ranard Brown Photography  – Cornelius, NC

Hardware component replacement

(As shown on Tech Me Back’s Facebook page)

“You're insight and tech savvy know-how saved me $1200 bucks! Problem solved. Thanks again for your wonderful help. Who needs AppleCare when we have you... Lunch on me! ”  

T&B Supply & Maintenance Corporation – Huntersville, NC

Hardware and software troubleshooting and service, hardware and software upgrades, and on-site and remote support

“I heard of Tech Me Back from business acquaintance of mine in Charlotte.  I told him I could not find anyone with the suitable knowledge to handle my technical problems with my Mac computers.  He suggested Tech Me Back.  Well, I must say I am so pleased.   Eddy is a joy to work with.  He not only knows his business  but handles his customers with true professionalism.”  


Helen and Walt – Charlotte, NC

Trustworthy, Efficient, Professional

Eddy Nivens has saved us time and money, and gets the job done right.

“When we moved to Charlotte three years ago, we needed tech help almost immediately to get our home office up and operational. We consider ourselves super lucky to have found Eddy Nivens.  In addition to the impressive credentials as an official Mac Consultant, Eddy brings a level of professionalism into your home or workplace that everyone will appreciate. His knowledge and expertise with all things technical is combined with excellent communication skills and patience and a refreshing splash of good humor as he walks through the tech challenges that arise with every thriving business.  Eddy also brings creative problem solving to your situation like no other tech guy we know, and has saved us money and time. We own multiple businesses, one of which is completely online, so we have to have a trustworthy tech consultant we can call for help.

Whether you need help with a computer or device at home or in your workplace, we do not hesitate one millisecond to recommend Eddy Nivens for every tech consulting need you have. He has bailed us out of jams, and set us up for success many times. We are blessed to know him and have his help.”

Lynn A. – Charlotte, NC

Software support

“I highly recommend Tech Me Back for help with your Mac. I recently called Eddy after tech support at work could not help when I had trouble interfacing with an application from my home laptop. He responded in record time and gave me exactly the information I needed to get things rolling. I am definitely not ‘techno savvy,’ yet Eddy was patient and understanding.”   

Melissa A. – Waxhaw, NC

Wireless PC Networking & Printing

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“I wish everyone I worked with was as great as Eddy!  I sent multiple requests out to other Angie's List vendors and received a few replies back but no one was as prompt, professional and reasonably priced as Tech Me Back.  Eddy was able to schedule our service for the following day and arrived on time, despite the fact that I had a typo in our street address.”  

Lori B. – Charlotte, NC

Software and hardware upgrades, networking

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“Installation and set up two new Mac Minis and a new Epson printer. The computers are for my 5 year old twins as we are preparing to start homeschool Kindergarten next month. Eddy was a champ having to work around two 5 year olds who were VERY anxious to get on their computers and try them out. :-)”  

Matthew C. – Concord, NC

Hardware component replacements

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“The DVD-ROM drive in my iBook G4 died and the Apple Store here in Charlotte gave me a list of Apple Consultants who could replace it and perform some other upgrades for me. I emailed about five of them and Eddy was the only one who responded.  Eddy replaced the DVD-ROM drive, upgraded my hard drive and RAM, doing so in the same day.  Eddy is very passionate about Apple products and it shows.  Do NOT waste time going anywhere else for your Apple needs and bypass the Genius Bar completely.  Eddy is the go-to guy in the Charlotte area!”  

Ned & Carol C. – Indian Land, SC

Software and hardware support, general training in Mac OS and various applications

“We bought our first Apple computer about 2 years ago and the first year we went to the Apple Store for training.  But now that we have been on our own we found Eddy.  He has come to our home and was very, very helpful in solving our problems and directing us to solve some ourselves.”  

John & Bonnie F. – Charlotte, NC

Software and hardware upgrades; networking

“Eddy Nivens is exactly the guy we've been looking for - a friendly, super-competent Mac genius who did everything we asked him to, and much, much more.”  

Gary F. – Weddington, NC

Switching from a PC to a Mac and on-site and remote support

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“Eddy Nivens set up a rather complex home network (5 Macs & 5 Airport wireless access points) when we switched to Macs from our previous PCs.  I cannot say enough about the quality of his service and professionalism.”  

Melissa G. – Charlotte, NC

Printing Support

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“Eddy returned my call in less than ten minutes. I told him I was having problem getting my computer and printer to communicate. He fixed my problem right there over the phone!”  

Tom H. – Lancaster, SC

Hardware component replacement

(As shown on Tech Me Back’s Facebook page)

“I just have to share how Tech Me Back saved the day for my family. My son who is in Uganda during the fall semester of college had his Apple hard drive crash. With no Apple certified stores around he contacted me in a panic. I got him in touch with Tech Me Back. Eddy quickly diagnosed the problem, obtained a hard drive, imaged it, picked up the needed tools, created very clear and precise instructions all within 24 hours.” 

Pam O. – Charlotte, NC

Software and hardware support, general training in Mac OS and various applications

“Eddy, thanks so much for the great service call today for my Mac.  I was looking for someone knowledgeable, reliable, and who could explain things to me clearly.  You did an awesome job.  I got all the service I expected, and more.”  

Carlos & Leslie O. – Charlotte, NC

Switching from a PC to a Mac

“If you need support for/with your current Mac, are thinking about upgrading or getting a new one, need help setting it up, require technical assistance, or just need someone to talk ‘Mac’ with, then Eddy is your guy.”  

Debby P. – Charlotte, NC

Switching to Mac; software and hardware support; general training in Mac OS and various applications

“I highly recommend Eddy Nivens as an extremely knowledgeable and dependable Mac authority.  He will help you until you get it right.”  

Mark S. – Waxhaw, NC

Data Recovery from Crashed Hard Disk

(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“Eddy was fantastic and I have not experience service like he provided in quite a long time.  He saved 6000+ pictures that the Apple Store told me they could not recover.”  

Chele S. – Charlotte, NC

Software and hardware upgrades, networking

“The only thing more cool than owning Mac products is knowing Eddy. Macs are exciting because they are so easy, reliable, fast, and intelligent. That's how we feel about Tech Me Back. Eddy recently replaced our MacBook Pro laptop's hard drive, added memory, installed new software, added a Time Capsule to our system, and recommended which iPhones to get.  I have known Eddy for almost 8 years, and he is remarkable. He's ‘Mac Yoda'."

Amelia S. – Pineville, NC

Software and hardware upgrades, networking

(As shown on CharlotteMommies.com)

“He helped me ‘re-purpose’ an old iMac DV (over 10 years old) for the children, getting it up to speed literally with a new hard drive and the most up to date OS it could handle. He knew exactly what to put on the machine to ‘max out’ its ability. I was going to recycle the old computer, but he turned it into a viable computer, able to go online wirelessly and do all kinds of things the kids will need for school in a few years.”  

Jim & Ellen V. – Charlotte, NC

Switching from a PC to a Mac

“Eddy assisted us in upgrading our PC Network. The network prior to the upgrade consisted of a Dell Desktop (Windows XP SP3), Sony Vaio (Windows XP SP3) and a Linksys router, etc. The network after the upgrade: Apple iMac (running OS X 10.7.4 ‘Lion’ - replaced the Dell),  Apple Time Capsule (replaced the Linksys router). Eddy was very professional and has a strong Apple/Windows knowledge base.”