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Body Glove Iris Sleeve for Apple's iPad

Body Glove Iris Sleeve for Apple iPad (SKU: 9205601)
Price: $29.99 (Suggested Retail but more inexpensive “on the street”)

UPDATE ON 3/31/2011: This Body Glove case fits both the original iPad and new iPad2

Pros: Excellent construction and smartly designed to provide protection for Apple’s iPad and allow for easy transport with built-in handles. Exterior compartment on the backside of the sleeve holds iPad USB-to-docking cable and AC-to-USB power adapter.

Cons: About the only “complaint” I have with the case is that the flowery design on the front is a tad on the feminine side for my taste but I wouldn’t shy away from this otherwise fantastic iPad sleeve because of that.

Comments: Personally, I’m not a big fan of any kind of laptop “sleeves”. Not because they don’t provide protection for the laptop, or in this case the iPad, while in a larger bag, backpack, or suitcase, but because they don’t seem very useful out of those environments. The neoprene material these sleeves are typically made from can be slick when transporting the item by hand. Body Glove, however, engineered this neoprene sleeve with built-in nylon handles and a felt-like interior so it’s easy to carry and neoprene exterior protects your iPad from life’s hard knocks and the felt interior protects the iPad’s glass display. The combination of these features allows this sleeve to be more versatile that the typical laptop sleeve and the Body Glove Iris Sleeve is more like an iPad carrying case than a sleeve. So if you’re looking for something more than an iPad sleeve but less than an iPad bag, please consider Body Glove’s Iris Sleeve for Apple’s iPad – you’ll be glad you did!

iPad Sleeve with Handles

Ipad Sleeve with Handles

Top View of iPad Sleeve with Handles