34 Years of "Thinking Different"

It’s no April Fool’s joke - Apple is 34 years old today! Happy Birthday Apple!

Jump in the
DeLorean Time Machine with me and we’ll go back to 1976 when Gerald Ford was the President of the United States, gas was 59¢ per gallon and America hadn’t quite celebrated its bicentennial. In a little garage in Cupertino, California, Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs created a company called, “Apple Computer.”

To be sure, Apple has had its shares of ups and downs but I feel the personal computer market would not be the same if Apple had folded like many of its contemporaries such as Commodore, Atari, TRS-80. I’d argue we’re better off that Apple not only survived those fragile years of its infancy but grew and prospered. Here’s to many more birthdays, Apple!