Save and Share iPhone Voicemails

Save & Share iPhone Voicemails

Save & Share iPhone Voicemails

A welcomed, but frankly, long overdue feature of Apple’s iOS 9 is the ability to save and share iPhone voicemails. We all can think of some of the reasons why we’d want to do this. It could be a message from your Mom or Dad or perhaps a loved one that has since passed away. It may also be a voicemail that you need to save for business purposes. There are countless reasons. Fortunately, Apple makes it simple. Here’s how:

  1. Bring up the Phone app and touch Voicemail option at the bottom right.
  2. Touch the voicemail message you want to share.


  1. Touch the Share button.


  1. Share the message in whatever manner you’d like (e.g. send it via text message, email it, save it as a voice memo, put it in Notes, save it to Dropbox, etc.). Any iOS app that supports .m4a files can play these voicemails. That’s it - enjoy!