iPhone Sleep Timer

Does My iPhone Have a Sleep Timer?

Does My iPhone Have a Sleep Timer?

For those that know me, it would come as no surprise that I like an eclectic variety of music. Many of my clients and fellow music lovers have asked me if the iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch has a sleep timer because they remember their old iPod had one but cannot find a similar function on their new iOS device. Like me, they like drifting off to sleep listening to their favorite tunes but would like for the iOS device to turn itself off after a predetermined amount of time. Good news! There is a sleep timer built into your new iOS device! The sleep timer works not only with Apple’s own music app but also with Pandora, and iHeartRadio, too.

I recommend that you start off by choosing the music to which you’d like to fall asleep. I’ve done this in screenshot below:

Step 1

In iOS 7, the easiest way to access the iOS timer is to swipe up from either the black or white area (depending if you have a black or white iPhone/iPad) immediately to the left of the home button at the bottom center of your iOS device. If done correctly, you will open the Control Center as shown in the screenshot below. Touch the timer icon (see
red square box in screenshot).

Step 2

When the Timer comes up, choose how long you’d like the music to play for before the device shuts off by sliding the dials up and down to set the hours and minutes. Next, touch where it says, “When Timer Ends” and scroll down and choose “Stop Playing.” Lastly, touch start and your sleep timer will start counting down.

Step 3

The last step is to relax listening to your favorite music while you drift off to La-La Land. Enjoy!