Installing Adobe Flash on the Mac

Installing Adobe Flash on the Mac

How to Install Adobe Flash on Your Mac

Many clients ask me why it is that they cannot install Adobe Flash on their Macs. They tell me that the installation only goes a little more than halfway before failing. The vast majority of my clients experience this error because they have not properly quit Safari before trying to install Adobe Flash. Instead, they have closed the active window and they don’t see Safari on the screen anymore and assume, incorrectly, that Safari is no longer running at all. Safari is still running in the background and will prevent Adobe Flash from being installed.

So, how do you know if Safari is still running in the background? Just look at your Dock (see Dock screenshot below and note the red arrows). Do you see a bluish “light” at the bottom center of the Safari icon? If so, that means Safari is running in the background. To quit Safari, simply click the Safari icon in your Dock and you should now see the word, “Safari” to the immediate right of the Apple logo in the upper left-hand corner of your Mac’s screen and click on the word, “Safari”. At this point, choose Quit Safari at the bottom of the window that opens. Please note, I placed an arrow by both by the Finder (the smiley face) and Safari. This indicates that both the Finder and Safari are currently running in the background. It is normal for Finder to always be running in the background.

Now try installing Adobe Flash!

Also, to ensure that you are downloading and installing the legitimate version of Adobe’s Flash, always go directly to the source: Adobe’s webpage. Here’s the direct link:

I hope this info helps! Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me directly.