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Monday Morsel - Indispensible Apps

Five great apps that help me get through each week

Last week there was major news related to Apple’s mobile devices. First, Apple’s share of U.S. smartphone sales jumped to just above 53%. That’s the company’s highest-ever share of smartphone sales. Then we learned that iOS App Store downloads surpassed the 40 billion mark, with almost 20 billion of those in 2012 alone! All that means we’re extremely connected – and that we like to be productive on the go. With that in mind, in this week’s morsel I’m going to focus on five great apps that you don’t find in top downloads. These are tools that help me get through every week, for productivity and for fun.


This summer when we replaced our garage door opener, we chose a Craftsman model that is iPhone compatible. I’m not pulling your leg! We are able to open, close, and check the status of our garage door using our phones. That means there’s no need to carry a fob or program a device in the car. The Craftsman app requires an annual subscription of $19.99, but the first year is free. It’s well worth that price!

iPhone Version:


I feel a bit like I’m cheating to include apps that are native to iOS, but sometimes those native apps are among the most overlooked and underappreciated. Contacts allows me to keep track of every phone number, address, e-mail address, and more. I now even use the Notes field for detailed information about many of those contacts. There are lots of third-party apps out there that do what Contacts does. Try Contacts first – it is a great tool.


Again, Calendar is native to iOS, and there are many third-party apps out there that do what Calendar does. I’ve tried some of those other apps, but Calendar is my bread and butter. If you add iCloud syncing to your Calendar (and Contacts) routine, you’ll immediately have your information everywhere, on your mobile devices and your computer. The combination of Contacts and Calendar helps me work more productively and efficiently.


If you’re persistent and a little lucky, sometimes you can score a great deal on the site. C•Mobile is the official Craigslist client, and it makes searching the site easy when you’re on-the-go.

iPhone & iPad Versions:

Zombie Gunship

When I need a diversion, a little “mind candy” is sometimes the best medicine. If you remember the game Choplifter from the 80s, you’ll recognize the premise of Zombie Gunship. You’re the pilot of a gunship and your goal is to protect people on the ground of oncoming zombies. It’s not high-brow, but it’s great fun!

iPhone Version:

iPad Version:

Have a wonderful week! If I can be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to call.