Disabling Java on the Mac & PCs

Disabling Java on Macs & PCs


Disabling Java in Apple’s Safari:

I've not used Java in Apple's Safari in eons particularly to all of the Java-related security concerns. Many have asked how to disable Java in Safari. It's easy!

While in Safari, click on "Safari" to the right of the Apple in the upper left-hand corner of the screen and choose "Preferences . . .". A little window will open and you'll see many icons along the top of it. Click on "Security" and uncheck "Enable Java." That's it!

Disable Java in Safari

Don't use Apple's Safari, but instead use Mozilla's Firefox or Google's Chrome and want to disable Java? Here's how:

Disabling Java in Mozilla’s Firefox:

Open Firefox Preferences and under the “General” tab click “Manage Add-ons…”
Select “Plugins” and find Java (and/or Java Applet) if it’s present and click the Disable button.

Disabling Java in Google’s Chrome:

Type “chrome://plugins/” into the URL bar, locate Java (if present) and click disable.

Disabling Java on Windows-based PCs

Some Tech Me Back readers may prefer PCs to Macs and that's OK! If you're concerned about the Java security breach that's been covered by the major media outlets (and you should be!), you may be interested in the following article in
PC Magazine.

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