Calendar Text

Text too small in iCal (10.7)/Calendar (10.8)?

Having a large calendar on your Mac has always been helpful but Apple never gave you a way to make the text larger. As a result, as screen sizes grew larger and larger, like on the 22” and 27” iMacs, the calendars themselves were large but the text was positively microscopic. Unfortunately, there was no way to make the text larger.

When Apple’s rolled out the version of iCal in “Lion” (10.7), it quietly introduced a way to make the text bigger. This practice, thankfully, has continued in Calendar in “Mountain Lion” (10.8).

Here’s how to make the text larger in both iCal and Calendar. Simply go into iCal/Calendar and click on View in the menu bar and then select Make Text Bigger. Alternatively, you can press [COMMAND] [+] until the text is large enough for you. That’s it!