Apple's Calendar

Monday Morsel - Apple's Calendar

Apple’s Calendar can be a real time saver!

Efficiency and organization experts love calendars because they can help you map out your appointments, meetings, and tasks for a day, a week – or a longer period of time. A good calendar system is the key to organizing not just your appointments, but also other things like birthdays, upcoming events, due dates, and deadlines.

Apple’s Calendar application is a great way to master your time. It was the first personal calendar application for Mac OS to support multiple calendars, including calendars you create and calendars to which you subscribe. Let’s start this week with five quick ways you can use Calendar to stay ahead of your time. (“Calendar” was known as “iCal” before the release of OS X 10.8 “Mountain Lion.” Many of the same features work in iCal as well.)

Be specific

Does it seem counterintuitive to say that creating additional calendars rather than dropping everything into one calendar can actually help you stay organized? It’s crazy talk – but it works. Calendar lets you see everything in a single window or choose to see only the calendars you want. With a click you can hide all of your wife’s calendar items or everything on the soccer calendar. That flexibility means you’re free to use a specific calendar to manage different types of things. For example, we use a “Home” calendar to remind us to do the home maintenance chores that are easily forgotten. Don’t be afraid to be specific with your calendars.

Share at will

It’s easy to synchronize Calendar across multiple mobile devices and computers. One option is to use tethered syncing (a USB-to-dock connector). The preferred way, however, to use Apple’s iCloud, which ensures that every Calendar edit you make automatically appears on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

In addition, Calendar lets you create invitations using information from Contacts, update your guest list, keep track of responses, and receive the latest status information. When you or another Mac user receives a Calendar invitation via Mail, it’s automatically added. Apple’s Calendar also works with Apple’s iCloud, and calendars from Yahoo and Google.

Rearrange when needed

You can move or delete Calendar events with the click of a mouse. Just be careful that you don’t get “click happy.” If you’re using iCloud and press that “Delete Event” item, it’s completely gone and will be deleted off all of your devices. If you’re considering a reschedule, Calendar gives you flexible viewing options. You can look at your schedule by the day, week, or month.

Subscribe to others

Rather than creating your own calendar, sometimes it makes more sense to use Calendar to subscribe to someone's published calendar, such as a family member, your work team, or a publicly available Calendar schedule. For example, a public schedule of holidays, your favorite sport team’s schedule, or the phases of the moon.

Include details

Calendar lets you add useful details to your calendar items like contact information, maps, directions, and URLs.