Adapt Improvise Overcome

Monday Morsel - Adapt Improvise Overcome

Adapt Improvise Overcome!

There are hundreds of expensive products out there that serve as cable stays, organizers, and more. I’ve found that sometimes the best solution is an improvised solution. In today’s morsel, let’s discuss five clever adaptations that will make sure you don’t look at office supplies the same way again.

1. Prevent stress at the ends of cables

If you use an older dock-style charging cable (the T-shaped one), you’ve probably heard about (or experienced) the “stress cracking” that occurs where the cable meets the connector. Over time, this can lead to problems charging or syncing with the cable. A quick way to prevent that from happening is to use the spring from an old pen on the cable. It will prevent the cable from bending and prevent that cracking from happening in the first place. Just work it over the end of the charging cable and, voilà, an improvised cable stress reliever!

2. Binder clip cable organizers

By the time you run a cable behind your desk and down, your cables may look like a rat’s nest. If you want to prevent that from happening, snap a binder clip around your desk surface and use it organize your cables. One cable in each clip will prevent the cables from tangling. You can also use zip ties but they can be a hassle if you need to ever remove or add cables so make it easy on yourself!

3. Paper roll cable organizers

Rather than recycling your toilet paper or paper towel rolls, consider using them to contain your cables. Simply neatly roll the cable and then insert it into the cardboard tube. You can store the tubes neatly in a box or other larger container – and you don’t have to worry about the cables tangling in storage.

4. Labeling cables

If you’d like to label your cables so you know which one leads to the printer and which one leads to your modem, don’t use a sticky label. Use the plastic tab from bagged bread instead. Simply write on the back and clip the tab around the cable.

5. Post-It cleaners

Before you pitch that sticky note, run the sticky edge between the keys of your keyboard. It won’t pick up everything, but it will pick up hairs and fluff – and that’s a start!

Have a wonderful week!