Preparing for iOS 10 & macOS Sierra - Part 3

Preparing for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra - Part 3
by Guest columnist August Flassig

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Last time we did a brief overview of Siri for the Mac and new and exclusive things she can do. Today, I want to talk about an App that many people have a love-hate relationship with and that is Maps.

Before we get into some new features, we should have a brief history lesson on Maps. It released on iOS 6 in 2012 to a wave a criticism and bugs, having a senior Vice President be “let go.” So after four years, has Apple stepped up their game with Maps? I think so and I’m confident in some new features it offers. Some people still use Google Maps, and while it recommends the lane to be in (a feature we have yet to see) we have other features that I find handy that you will enjoy.

The first thing you will notice about Maps is the redesign. It changes from the traditional top to bottom with bottom to top where the information and search function slides up. This makes entering directions easier, especially on the “Plus” versions of the iPhone.

Updated Search and Information Field

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As you pan around and tap on points of interests they are large and easy to see. You can see the results field come from below revealing new information as you slide it up.

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An updated feature is “Useful to Know” which replaces the individual sections of “Reservations, kids, and etc.”

Parked Car

When I travel to a city with friends like Wilmington, for example, we leave the car and I’ll drop a pin to remember where we parked. If we are in a hurry and I forget to drop a pin, then we hope someone remembers. in iOS 10, I don't have to drop a pin because Map’s will do it automatically! When you exit a car with CarPlay or Bluetooth, Maps automatically will remember where you parked. But that is just the beginning. You notice that I can add notes and a personal photo to help me remember. Maybe you flying out for the week and leave your car in the parking garage at the airport. Now you can add a note and a photo to help you remember where you left it.

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Updated Real Time Directions

When using the iPhone as a GPS, it will only show you the distance around you in mile increments and in iOS 9, what you see on screen is what you get. Not anymore with iOS 10 with the ability to pan and zoom during real time directions! Included with those directions is traffic conditions as seen in our route to 1 Infinite Loop. The orange bar above I-280 shows traffic at the time is congested, a feature only available before starting directions.

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This is only a taste of what is to come in Maps and iOS 10 as a whole. Transit directions, lock screen widgets, and weather information are additional features to look out for with Maps. The look and function of these features can change up until the final release. We want to give you a heads up on what is to come later this year so you can be ready for all the changes in store.

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