Preparing for iOS 10 & macOS Sierra - Part 2

Preparing for iOS 10 and macOS Sierra - Part 2
by Guest columnist August Flassig

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Last time we talked about how iOS 10 removed slide to unlock and changed how we interact with iPhone on the home screen. Today, let’s talk about a feature Apple is adding to macOS Sierra, and that is Siri. The voice assistant you use to compose text messages and set timers comes to the Mac. But she does more than that, much more.

Siri can be activated by a dock icon or in the menu bar at the top of the screen. She offers up the usual suggestions like stock quotes and creating calendar entries. What makes Siri unique on the Mac is the searches are interactive. If I’m writing a document (much like this one) and I want an image from the internet, I can ask Siri “Show me Siri icons on the web.” A grid of images will appear and I can drag and drop that image into my document from Siri.

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Siri also works with the redone notification center by pinning results from searches (much like widgets from iOS 10 which we will cover at a later time). If I ask when the Cubs play next she will give me who they play against and when. Other things Siri can do is pin Finder search results to Notification Center.

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This is a small look at what Siri can do in macOS Sierra that I think will become useful for many people. From composing a message, playing a song, or looking for the right files, Siri does it all. Remember, this update will be released later this year and this is pre release information. The look and function of these features can change up until the final release. We want to give you a heads up on what is to come later this year so you can be ready for all the changes in store.

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