Avoiding Phone Calls from Strangers

Avoiding Phone Calls from Strangers

Ever since I bought my first cell phone, I decided that I would not answer phone calls from phone numbers that I didn't recognize or did not already have programmed into my Contacts. These days, I get 10 or more phone calls a day from numbers I don't recognize and I end up sending them to voicemail. I've always thought that if it's important, the caller will leave a voicemail. If it's not or if it's a robocall, they probably won't take the time to leave me a voicemail.

The problem was, at least until iOS 13 came out, I had to manually send the caller to voicemail. With iOS 13, you can set it so that calls from numbers not already in your Contacts don't ring and get automatically sent to voicemail. The call number will, however, show up in your Recent Calls log. Here's how to turn on this new feature:

Touch Settings -> Phone -> Turn on "Silence Unknown Callers"


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