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Matthew C. – Concord, NC
Hardware component replacements
(As shown on Charlotte’s “Angie’s List” – “A” Rating)

“The DVD-ROM drive in my iBook G4 died and the Apple Store here in Charlotte gave me a list of Apple Consultants who could replace it and perform some other upgrades for me. I emailed about five of them and Eddy was the only one who responded. Eddy replaced the DVD-ROM drive, upgraded my hard drive and RAM, doing so in the same day. Eddy is very passionate about Apple products and it shows. Do NOT waste time going anywhere else for your Apple needs and bypass the Genius Bar completely. Eddy is the go-to guy in the Charlotte area!”

“P.S. Senuti is working perfectly. It's taking a while to get everything back on there, but that's expected with 25 GB of music. I wouldn't have known about this at all if you hadn't told me about it. Thanks again!”