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Debby P. – Charlotte, NC
Switching to Mac, software and hardware support, general training in Mac OS and various applications
“Having had a Mac, gone to a PC, work on PCs, when it came time to get a new home computer, I was encouraged by Eddy to give Mac another try. He assured me that he would walk me through whatever I needed no matter how confusing (to me) and whenever I had a problem with anything at all, he was only either an e-mail, phone call, or iChat away.

Given Eddy’s extensive knowledge of computers, he is never annoyed at my ‘stupid’ questions. He knows exactly what to do and often it is either performed for me (virtually) or he “walks” me through it, all the while explaining (in what I like to call) “English.” It’s something in his tone of voice that makes it easy to listen.

He is extremely patient, always thorough, and never ‘short’ with me. Sometimes I have random questions about what I’ve read or heard. He takes the time to explain and/or directs me to various Web sites. I highly recommend Eddy Nivens as an extremely knowledgeable and dependable Mac authority. He will help you until you get it right.”