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Carlos & Leslie O. – Charlotte, NC
Switching from a PC to a Mac
“About a year ago I talked to Eddy regarding our intent of getting a new computer. At the time, PCs were all my wife and I were familiar with. Eddy said before you buy anything, "Let me ask you a few questions…" We talked about what we (actually, my wife) wanted to do with the computer. I said something like: I want a BIG hard drive to store a bunch of stuff (pictures and videos of daughter taken by wife, songs, documents, recipes, etc), a computer that does not take minutes to turn on, DVD Burner, and a gazillion horsepower, and it has to look good.

A few days later, Eddy shows up with something no bigger than a box of 64 Crayola crayons, a keyboard, a mouse, and a monitor. I asked "so, where is the computer?" Eddy opens the box of crayons and takes out a little white box that looked about the size of a CD case and three CDs high and says… "This is it!". I go "yeah, right!"

Eddy looks at me, sits at the desk, and no more than 5 minutes later (no lie) I had a fully functional working Mac Mini. Once he was done with the set-up, Eddy gave us an overview of the Mac and its programs in a manner that was easy for us to follow along. Within the hour, my wife and I were surfing the web and uploading pictures while listening to music. Prior to his departure, Eddy asked if it was OK to follow-up with us periodically. True to his word, Eddy checks in remotely every so often to see how we are doing. Almost a year later, and a few conversations with Eddy we are savvy and happy Mac users.

It is not common to enjoy the level of service that Eddy demonstrates. Eddy is patient, knowledgeable, and resourceful. He has the ability to explain technical lingo in terms that are very easy to understand. Eddy has been available on line for remote diagnostics and support whenever we needed him.

If you need support for/with your current Mac, are thinking about upgrading or getting a new one, need help setting it up, require technical assistance, or just need someone to talk “Mac” with, then Eddy is your guy. Eddy, many thanks for your ever-present helping hand.”