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Peace of Me Photography – Charlotte, NC
Switching from a PC to a Mac and on-site and remote support
“Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? I have to tell the world that Eddy Nivens is a Mac Genius! Once again he has impressed and amazed me with his personal service and attention to detail.

Up until recently I was a diehard PC user with no intention of converting to the Mac way of life. Eddy not only provided the tools I needed to learn but he provided the equipment free of charge so I could explore what he had been telling me for over a year. That is that the Mac is easy to use and offers way more than a PC ever could. Once you experience a Mac you’ll never go back. No more nasty PC Viruses to worry about (Teenager vs. Mac Mini). Easy website construction and display (iWeb). Superior organization with iCal, Address Book, and so much more.

These days I feel that I may not the sharpest tool in the shed but with Eddy’s Tech Me Back support I have overcome my fear and I am able to navigate like a pro! This Old Dog could not be happier!! Hope everyone who needs a little help and encouragement gets a chance to experience Tech Me Back. You ROCK Eddy!!”

Leslie Orel
Peace of Me Photography