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Whether you need something fixed, have an idea that you need to make a reality, or would like training on something you’d like to learn, you can contact Tech Me Back. I offer both on-site and remote support so whether you live in Charlotte or somewhere else, if you have an Internet connection, I can help you!

Technical support is about understanding what each client needs and providing personalized assistance. I’m listing below a sampling of my services, but this list isn’t comprehensive. If you need help with something that I’ve not listed,
contact me and we can discuss your specific needs.

  • Hardware and software troubleshooting and service
  • Software and hardware installations & upgrades (OS upgrades and installing new hard drives, Solid State Disks or SSDs, RAM/memory, etc.)
  • Home networking consultation & troubleshooting (wired and wireless)
  • Networking older Macs with newer Macs
  • Data restoration (from hard drives, camera media cards, etc.)
  • Remove personal data from hard drives on older computers when upgrading to a new computers (Mac or PC)
  • Old Mac file transfers & conversions (e.g. data trapped on Mac 800KB & 1.44MB 3.5" floppies; 100MB, 250MB, and 750MB Zip® disks, etc. to modern formats such as flash drives; WordPerfect® to Microsoft Word®; MacWrite® & MacWrite Pro® to Microsoft Word®; Lotus 1-2-3® to Microsoft Excel®; AppleWorks® to modern equivalents, etc.)
  • Data backup system design and setup (e.g. setting up Apple Time Capsules or external hard drives to Apple Airport Extremes, etc.)
  • Switch support (moving your files from a Windows XP®, Windows 7®, Windows 8® PC or Windows 10® PC to a Mac® or from one computer to another)
  • General training in Mac OS® and various Mac® applications
  • iPad® and iPhone® and iPod Touch® set up and support
  • Quicken® training and set up
  • Social networking consulting and support (set-up, maintenance, and campaigns – Establishing a presence on Facebook® & Twitter® for your business)
  • Universal Access set up for persons with vision, hearing, and other physical challenges
  • Analog video transfers (e.g. Betamax®, VHS®, 8mm Digital, etc.) to digital video

Microsoft Office For Mac 2015 Accreditation

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